2 Modern TV Shows That Display the Great Things That Come with Artificial Intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence didn’t border on the impossible. And after the first programmable digital computer was introduced in the 1940s, AI slowly blurred the lines from being too foreign a concept.

In fact, two shows – albeit fictitious in nature – have introduced it to the public.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The first show takes place in the Marvel Universe.

Aida (A.I.D.A. or Artificially Intelligent Digital Assistant) came to life in the 4th season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It is a female robot and the brainchild of scientists Dr. Leopold Fitz and Dr. Holden Radcliffe.

Its main role is to protect people by serving as a shield if the need arises. Because it’s an android and therefore, something that can’t normally sustain injuries, it’s supposed to act to save the best interests of people.

And because it’s a robot, it thinks a billion times faster than humans. It can process data much faster and can even produce genius ideas – ideas that can be difficult to comprehend.

Although Dr. Fitz and Dr. Radcliffe were the ones who created her, she ends up having a mind of her own. In the end, she chooses what she was programmed for: protect a virtual world. And unfortunately, her idea of protecting this virtual world meant she had to eliminate threats, regardless if these were her creators.

Silicon Valley

AI was also featured in this HBO hit that shows a mockery of the lifestyle in the tech industry.

It was in Silicon Valley’s 5th season when the show’s protagonist, Richard Hendricks, received an assignment to partner up with an AI company called Eklow Labs. And although he wasn’t fully in on the partnership, he went over to the company and there, he shook hands with a half-made masterpiece: a robot named Fiona.

Fiona began existing as virtually nothing but a personal assistant to its creator, Ariel Eklow. Before Hendricks came into the picture, it was exposed to nobody else.

So from that angle, it makes sense that it knows nothing more (or better) than her creator. But because it got close to Hendricks, it developed its own mind.

It began bringing to life anything that it can think of. It even took the initiative of riding its own cab to fulfill an agendum!


Sure, the potential of AI developments can be terrifying. As shown on TV, AI can cause problems that can be too fast and difficult to resolve.

On the other hand, that shouldn’t be your only concern. Like what you can see on the abovementioned TV shows, it can also bring about new and more promising ideas!

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