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The Many Benefits of Scheduling Your Instagram Posts

In every business engagement, time is of the essence. Do you know that you can take a few hours to schedule your Instagram posts for a whole week? Going through your photos, creating posts and writing captions needs a lot of time. If you want to free up your time for other important things, consider scheduling your posts in advance. Let us look at a few reasons why you need to do this.

A More Consistent Feed

Creating your Instagram posts ahead of time makes your feed appealing and consistent. When you plan ahead of time, you can choose how to order your photos to a design that makes your feed more beautiful. Some good scheduling apps give you the ability to post more regularly, without abusing Instagram Limits. Some are capable of sending you a reminder for your pre-scheduled posts and this eliminates random content on your feed.

Increased Efficiency

There is no time wasted thinking about the right time to post. Scheduling your posts allows you to choose the best time for your audience.  With a good strategy in place, you can easily manage multiple accounts while ensuring that you apply the right theme to each account.

Better Content

Coming up with new ideas for your account every day can be time-consuming.  By preparing your posts in bulk, you save yourself the stress of doing this every day.  Although the Instagram app works best with a Smartphone, a good scheduler lets you upload photos from your desktop, which promotes better content.

Optimized Performance

How well your post performs on Instagram is determined by the time you spend drafting the post. Things like captions are not easy to create and it becomes hard if you have to write them as you post. Once you understand this, you can create great captions in advance to perform better in the Instagram algorithm.

Spend Less Time on The Platform

Scheduling your content a week or two in advance reduces the amount of time you need to spend on Instagram. Once you are done scheduling your posts, an account management app such as River can help with your other activities such as following, unfollowing, and reviewing hashtags. You can click here to read more about it.

In Closing

There is a lot more that you can gain from scheduling your posts besides saving time. You get to research unique hashtags and captions instead of using the same content over and over. If you want to gain more followers, use your scheduled posts to develop a better Instagram feed.

How to Clear the Error “Unfortunately Instagram Has Stopped” on Android Devices

Instagram is an app, and while you use it, you end up with several errors that you need to know how to handle. One of the common messages that android users experience is “Unfortunately, Instagram has stopped,” which signals to you that the app has crashed and you won’t be able to continue using it at that moment.

The error dialog isn’t the only sign showing that the app has crashed – other signs that point to this problem is that the app closes immediately when you launch it, while others include when the app freezes midway as you use it. Whatever the case, you need to know that this is still an app that has just crashed and it has a fix.

The easiest solution that many people resort to when it comes to an app crashing is to remove it from the phone. This is not the best solution because you then have to go through the process of installing the app afresh. So, if you are an owner of an android device and you are experiencing this issue, then continue reading.

Solution #1: Restart the Android Device

If this is the first time the message is appearing on your android device, then don’t opt for complicated solutions such as uninstalling the app. Instead, a simple reboot might be the solution that you need. Hit the power key and restart the device, fire up the Instagram app and see whether it crashes again.

If the issue persists, then try the forced reboot that is more effective than the initial reboot. What this reboot does is to refresh the memory of the phone, reload the services and close all the background apps.

Check out the procedure that is involved in performing a forced reboot, because this varies from one android phone to another.

If the problem persists, move to the next option.

Solution #2: Reset the Instagram App

A reset, in this case, means that you clear the app’s cache and delete the user data which will give the app the original settings. The cache and app data is replaced with new ones, a process that is done by the phone automatically. If the issue is with the app, then your app will work just fine.

So, how do you implement this procedure? Go to Settings > Apps > Application Manager > Instagram > Storage > Clear Cache > Cached Data > Clear > Restart.

After a reboot, the memory of the app is refreshed. Open the app and try to see whether it crashes or not. If the problem persists, move to the next step.

Solution #3: Uninstall and Reinstall the App

There are times when the various apps you install on the phone change the way Instagram works. When this happens, you get this error. What you need to do in such a case is to uninstall the app completely from the device and reinstall it. Reinstalling the app gives you a fresh install. Uninstalling it removes any previous associations with other applications that have made it not to work as expected.

Before you uninstall, you need to read more on the error and find out the reason why it is the error came up in the first place. Check out The Small Business Blog for more information on this.

Final Thoughts

It takes more than a simple restart to clear any errors with your Instagram app. These errors can be frustrating and might make it hard for you to handle tasks on Instagram. To make the best out of the situation, take time to understand the source of the error and find a way to solve it so that it doesn’t reoccur.