Monthly Archive: August 2018

How To Feature On The Instagram Explore Page

The Instagram Explore page helps individuals and businesses to gain more exposure with less effort. To most people, getting to feature on the page is quite a challenge. According to Instagram, featuring on the Explore tab is determined by how you use the app and the overall popularity of your account. As an Instagram user, there is a lot you can do to increase your chances of appearing on the page. Here are a few things that you can take into account.

Patiently Wait for Your Account to Grow

This is not a huge determinant but it does count, to some extent. Most accounts that are featured on the Explore page have been in existence for a considerable period. If your account is only a few days or weeks old, you probably won’t be as eligible as an old account with tons of followers.

Build an Active Community

Having active followers is key when if you want to grow popular on Instagram. Seek followers who are ready to like and comment on your posts. Having thousands of followers who are inactive is equivalent to not having any followers at all.

Create Niche-Specific Content

Make your content to stand out. Identify what your target audience likes through social listening. Follow your customers to see the kind of photos and information they like then customize your posts accordingly.

Do Not Overuse Hashtags

Hashtags can give you quick exposure but overusing them can hinder you from getting to the Explore page. Do not use them too often as they may appear spammy.

Schedule Your Posts

The more engagement you get on Instagram, the more you are likely to feature on the Explore page. Share the right content at the right time. You do not expect your audience to engage you at 2:00 am in the night. Try and make your posts during the day, or when most of your followers are on their phones.

Take Note of Popular Photo and Video Trends

Take some time and study what is on the Explore page to get an idea of the requirements. In most cases, you will find nature photos, selfies, and videos. If you do not know how to get on the Explore page, visit the Income Artist website for assistance.

Tag Users, Locations, and Brands in Your Photos

Get popular people and brands to interact with your posts by tagging them. This will give you the exact kind of exposure you need to get popular. Adding location tags to your video posts is necessary if you want to be included in the event video channels section of the Explore tab.

In Closing

Master the art of timing. Figure out when you can get the highest engagement before sharing your content. The faster you get likes and comments the better.