Advantages of Laser Engraving Over Non-Laser

In the modern era, there is no longer a need for manual engraving. After all, technology has advanced so much that laser engraving can cost less than traditional methods. For more specifics, read further.

Lower Cost For Higher Quality

Manufacturers now prefer laser engraving since it is much lower in cost and higher in quality. One can achieve high-precision laser engraving on different types of substrates, such as aluminum, carbide, copper, platinum, gold, silver, titanium, and medical-grade materials.

Laser Engraving is More Durable

Non-contact laser engraving comes with high durability, temperature resistance, and both of these apply regardless of the material surfaces. Now, an engraved name will not deteriorate as time passes on. Furthermore, its process does not include toxic material, such as acids, inks, or solvents. Laser engraving is unlike traceable marking methods such as dot-peen marking hand engraving, and inkjet in which often fade, or at least slowly deteriorate as time passes.

Non-Laser Engraving is Corruptible

Unlike laser engraving, non-laser etched markings are affected by corruptibility due to time. Thus, engineering professionals now prefer laser engraving and are setting standards as to how long the lifetime of their marks should last. Although non-contact laser engraving is improving their routine, laser engraving is still far ahead of them.

Laser Engraving is Foolproof

If you lack the skills for engraving, then using laser technology will make things easier for you. These are now computer-programmable, so you do not have to trace the product yourself. In fact, it is quite simple, that even professionals choose laser technology over non-laser engraving because it saves them time. Furthermore, the computer software is less likely to make mistakes than the human hands would, so that is another advantage. With laser engraving, you save time by not having to repeat mistakes as well as having the work done for you.

Purchasing a Laser Engraving Machine

Although a bit pricey, various laser engraving machines are available in the market. You can try finding one near you or purchase online. You should check out since they have high-quality laser engraving machines available.


Laser engraving technology is capable of producing higher quality work than its non-laser counterpart, with less time spent and lower costs. Furthermore, laser engraving is more durable, while non-laser is corruptible. Also, it is quite easy to operate laser engraving than with manual tools, since the computer software can do most of the work for you.