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2 Modern TV Shows That Display the Great Things That Come with Artificial Intelligence

The concept of artificial intelligence didn’t border on the impossible. And after the first programmable digital computer was introduced in the 1940s, AI slowly blurred the lines from being too foreign a concept.

In fact, two shows – albeit fictitious in nature – have introduced it to the public.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

The first show takes place in the Marvel Universe.

Aida (A.I.D.A. or Artificially Intelligent Digital Assistant) came to life in the 4th season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It is a female robot and the brainchild of scientists Dr. Leopold Fitz and Dr. Holden Radcliffe.

Its main role is to protect people by serving as a shield if the need arises. Because it’s an android and therefore, something that can’t normally sustain injuries, it’s supposed to act to save the best interests of people.

And because it’s a robot, it thinks a billion times faster than humans. It can process data much faster and can even produce genius ideas – ideas that can be difficult to comprehend.

Although Dr. Fitz and Dr. Radcliffe were the ones who created her, she ends up having a mind of her own. In the end, she chooses what she was programmed for: protect a virtual world. And unfortunately, her idea of protecting this virtual world meant she had to eliminate threats, regardless if these were her creators.

Silicon Valley

AI was also featured in this HBO hit that shows a mockery of the lifestyle in the tech industry.

It was in Silicon Valley’s 5th season when the show’s protagonist, Richard Hendricks, received an assignment to partner up with an AI company called Eklow Labs. And although he wasn’t fully in on the partnership, he went over to the company and there, he shook hands with a half-made masterpiece: a robot named Fiona.

Fiona began existing as virtually nothing but a personal assistant to its creator, Ariel Eklow. Before Hendricks came into the picture, it was exposed to nobody else.

So from that angle, it makes sense that it knows nothing more (or better) than her creator. But because it got close to Hendricks, it developed its own mind.

It began bringing to life anything that it can think of. It even took the initiative of riding its own cab to fulfill an agendum!


Sure, the potential of AI developments can be terrifying. As shown on TV, AI can cause problems that can be too fast and difficult to resolve.

On the other hand, that shouldn’t be your only concern. Like what you can see on the abovementioned TV shows, it can also bring about new and more promising ideas!

To know more about the power of AI, feel free to check out

Ways to Train your Brain to Lose Weight

Ways to Train your Brain to Lose Weight

You need to be in the right frame of mind to achieve the most out of your workout regimen. See, you will struggle to stick to your training program if your brain is not focused on what you are doing in and outside the gym. These tips will help you train your mind in a way that enables you to set goals and attain them, including losing weight.

Try Something New

One of the main sources of inspiration to go beyond your physical limit is the desire to keep learning. Studies show that every time you engage in something new, your brain is “stimulated.”

Getting stuck in a rut can be tedious, but worse still, it can hinder your brain’s development. One of the easiest ways to break the monotony is to try something new and different.

You may take a new route work, try a new form of exercise, listen to a new genre of music or sample a different recipe for dinner.

Embark on a Regular Training Regimen

Apart from improving your body’s form, training increases the brain’s functionality and enhances neurogenesis. This essentially means that every time you exercise, you’re generating a new set of brain cells. With that in mind, it’s time you stopped being a couch potato. Get moving, and your brain will thank you for it.

Be Curious

Don’t be content with the face value of everything. Instead, develop a habit of questioning everyday occurrences, products, and services that come your way. Curiosity forces your brain to become more innovative and generate new ideas. Never mind that they say curiosity killed, it was out of curiosity that things such as computers and electricity came into being.

Have a Positive Mind

Anxiety and stress not only kills the existing brain neurons but also stops the new ones from being created. Research has it that positive thinking, particularly about the future increases the rate of creation of new brain cells and most importantly reduces stress and anxiety. Develop a habit of resisting negative thoughts and try to replace such thoughts with positivity.

Eat a Healthy Diet

What goes through your mouth significantly impacts your brain’s functionality. Your brain consumes up to 20% of all the nutrients that you take in. Thus, remember to feed your mind by eating plenty of vegetables, fruits and Omega 3 found in oily fish.

In conclusion, ditch the calculator. Do you remember way back in school when you were taught to solve simple mathematical problems using times table? It’s amazing how we now rely on Smartphones and laptops to calculate even the simplest of equations.

While you may need to use a calculator for complex equations, learn how to use the device you were born with, the brain, for simple calculations.

How to Conduct Proper Hair Care

How to Conduct Proper Hair Care

We all take care of your hair. But why? Some of us do it to look amazing — others to ensure that they have healthy hair. For others, they need to feel better about themselves. There are numerous reasons for hair care, but not most people look at the advantages of proper hair care. More so, not many people focus on some of the best products to use for hair care. Therefore, let’s take a look at them.


This is amongst the first things which you prevent when you get to keep your hair natural. Nonetheless, you’ll affirm that with the right hair products, your hair can stay nourished at all times. Meaning that you’ll have great smelling hair and also scalp that’s in the best conditions.

Avoid Pollution

When you regularly take care of your hair with natural products, you get to ascertain that you refrain from using chemicals on your scalp. With this, you prevent any damage to your skin. More so, since most of these chemicals end up in the drain, something which might not be ideal for the closest water-bodies. The more organic materials you use, the safer the earth is for everyone.


Did you ever know that good hair makes you look younger? Now you know. Using natural products ensures that you can have healthy skin and also healthy hair. With this, the hair becomes thicker, and you also look better. Therefore, take advantage of this, and you’ll note the benefits.


With some chemicals, you’ll find that they might irritate your hair. Therefore, it’s ideal looking for some of the natural products, all which won’t have a negative effect on your scalp and hair. Nonetheless, you’ll avoid any rashes, discoloration or even itches.


Proper hair care ensures that you get to have great looking hair at all times. Therefore it’s also ideal for taking some time to learn more about the products which you have to use. You need to ensure that even if they’re natural products, they’re of the best quality — something which will make it easier for you to shop and also use them.

Final Take

It’s always good getting to learn about the products which are not without merit. Through this, you know what to avoid and also some of the things which you can purchase. Nonetheless, this will be the best means to affirming that you do comprehend as to the vast means of conducting hair care.

Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom In Good Shape

Tips For Keeping Your Bathroom In Good Shape

The bathroom is one of the areas that have some of the most plumbing fixtures and fittings in any house. It always ranks among the most important compartments in a house and it is thus the desire of every homeowner to keep it in good shape. However, some people fail at it terribly and it is not because they do not try. You have to know some tips that will help you keep your bathroom in good shape as follow.

Keep it clean

We cannot stress it enough why you need to clean your bathroom. It is not only the floors and the walls that need to be cleaned. There are pipes and sinks that also need thorough cleaning to avoid blockages. Dirt on the drains can cost you thousands of money which you can as well avoid. Ensure that you do not flush dirt that cannot decompose down the drain. Use special brushes to clean dirt that might be on the far corners.

Trust experts to fit your bathroom

A bathroom is not something that you change on a regular basis the way you do with your wardrobe. It should be a long-term investment which means that you have to do the right thing from the word go. However, not every company that claims to be good at this job will give you the results that you will be proud of. The search for the perfect company can be a tiresome one but reviews can come in very handy in such instances. Region-based searches on the internet such as bathroom fitters Warrington can make the process easier.

Maintain your bathroom on a regular basis

Just because you spent thousands on this bathroom does not mean that your efforts end there. There will be fixtures that need repair once in a while others will require replacement altogether. There are simple tasks that you can do on your own while others need experts in this area. Ensure that you use high-quality spares in case you need to change some of the fittings. Check if there are any leaks and fix them instead of waiting for too long until they become uncontrollable.

It is thus evident that you do not have to be extravagant to have a well-maintained bathroom. Just stick to the above tips and you are assured of having a bathroom that you will be proud off and fetches a good bargain to potential buyers.

Things you Need to Know Before Picking a Martial Arts Class for your Child

It may have taken you some time to figure out the many benefits of martial arts for your child. But now that you’ve seen the light, the next big puzzle is choosing the best martial art class for him or her. How do you know if your child will do better in judo than in jiu-jitsu or in karate? It can be confusing owing to the fact that there are so many disciplines to choose from.

Conducting a little research beforehand can help you make a more informed decision, and a good place to start would be London Fight Factory. Nonetheless, below are some of the things you need to know before enrolling your child in any martial arts class.

Finding the Right School is Important

Before you even think of the discipline, finding the right studio for your child is very important. Look for one with more emphasis on the approach rather than what they teach. Today, you will find schools that teach more than one form of martial arts. They incorporate different martial arts and teach in a style that is focused on building confidence and self-development and not just training to be a fighter.

Therefore, talk to the instructor and understand the school’s philosophy. At the end of the day, a good school is whereby your child will be able to learn in a happy environment.

Trying out Different Classes can help

As a parent, you want to ensure that your kid is in safe hands when you are not around. Therefore, it’s wise to try out different classes before committing to a specific studio. As mentioned earlier, the most important thing is for your child to enjoy himself whilst he learns. By trying out different classes, you can easily find the right fit for your kid.

You may want to ensure that your child is in a class where the other students are his or her age mates. That way, it’s easy to focus on their development as a group compared to where all age groups are kept in the same class.

Kids are Different

Kids have different personalities and interests. Thus, when it comes to picking up a martial arts class or discipline, it’s important to take their individual interests into account. That is because the skills or techniques required in one discipline may differ from what another discipline requires to succeed. Thus, finding the right match for your kid is paramount, and it begins by understanding his or her personality, skills, and interests.

Budapest Airport Transfers

There are various ways to get to Budapest, but the best way for people from outside the city is by air. The main airport is Budapest Liszt International Airport that has two terminals. The airport has a passenger hall that contains a selection of cafes, shops and restaurants.

The terminals have 24-hour open eateries and shops located near the gates. If you arrive and you need to wait for a taxi or someone to pick you up, you can have something to eat while you wait.

The airport also has lounges that you have to pay at the door. You can purchase a lounge pass or enjoy what is offered by a lounge membership program.

If sleeping in the airport is not your thing, then you can head to the nearest airport hotels, all within five to ten minutes via shuttle service. You can choose between Airport Hotel Budapest, Hotel Ferihegy or Airport Hotel Stacio and many more.

If any of these is not your thing, then the next option is to head to your hotel. This is especially true if you have an early meeting or you have arrived as a group and your hotel is already reserved. When this is the case, you can use one of the airport transfer services that are available.


For you to have a seamless transition from the airport to the hotel, you need to book early in advance. You are supposed to make sure that you inform the airport transfer service what time you arrive, the mode of transport you prefer, how many people you are and any special needs you have. You can maximise your experience by checking out this useful reference.

If you are travelling as a group and you are going in different directions, it is better to have at least two cars so that you do not have some people waiting at the airport.

These companies offer different kind of services depending on your needs. You can have airport-hotel transfers, tours, hotel-destination transfers and many more.

How much do you pay for the service? The cost of the service depends on the kind of package that you chose. Additionally, the more the people the more you have to pay, though there are packages that you can choose depending on how many you are and how you plan to use the service.

Make sure you call in advance before you take the flight so that you avoid inconveniences.

Selfie Mistakes to Avoid

Let’s face it ladies – who doesn’t like a good selfie from time to time? After all, you can never know what the picture you take today can do for you in future. However, it is a fact that as you scroll through the selfies that you have taken the past few days, there are a few that you would love to delete without letting anyone see them.

Taking a Selfie in the Dark

The first rule to take a selfie is to take it in proper lighting. The right kind of lighting can be the difference between taking just a selfie and taking one that can feature on a magazine cover.

Make sure you take a selfie using natural light compared to artificial lighting. Experts have made a post about the best way to get light into the image.

Applying Too Many Filters

The first time we learn to use image filters, we go ahead and use as many filters as we can. Using too many filters makes it hard for you to achieve the perfect image. You get to blur the face and add so many effects that distort the picture.

Instead, use one or two filters to make the image look professional.

Not Applying a Filter

There is no problem editing an image before you use it. However, you end up with a raw image when you fail to use a filter. Try and use the blur tool, or lightening aspect to make the image much better.

Ignoring the Flash App

If you aren’t near natural light, you need to make sure you set up everything to get the image right. Use the front flash app to light up the place you are sitting so that you can get a perfect image. It won’t be a perfect picture, but you will at least get something out of it.

Taking Just One Selfie

When taking selfies, more is always better. The best selfie is all about taking as many photos as possible. Take tens of selfies, even hundreds and choose the best one from what you have. Tilt your head in different directions and change the angle of the camera so that you get a different perspective for each shot.

Making a Funny Face

While taking a selfie, you don’t need to look weird. Yes, your friends will find something to laugh about, but the image won’t be a part of your collection. Instead, show confidence and a relaxed expression at all times.

The Need to Automate Instagram Marketing

If you are nearly halfway through the year and your Instagram goals for 2018 are looking a bit too ambitious, automating your tasks on the platform might be the answer you need.

These automation tools help a ton of Instagram newbies and experts to reach new audiences, and target users using engagement tools such as comments likes and follows. These soon lead to these users checking out your account and deciding to follow you.

Recently, Instagram tool down several automation platforms, among them the ever-famous Instagress. But this doesn’t mean you don’t have to automate your content marketing efforts.

Worth The Risk

Look at it this way – you need several months, even years, to get the following you need to make your marketing strategy work on social media. As a busy person, you don’t have this kind of time, what you have is time to create the perfect posts and monitor the engagement of the users.

Using automation tools allows you to engage with your audience without the need to be there physically each day. Take time to understand what kind of tool you need that can help you engage your audience the right way. SelectedBest advocates automated software for your account, so make sure you check out the top tools that are reviewed on the platform.

These tools offer different features that you need to check and embrace. Each tool is unique, and you need to take time to get the right one for your account. Some of the tools give you free trials to make sure you are sure about what you want.

What You Get

With these automation tools, you get to automate the tasks you perform manually each day, which can become monotonous and boring. Instead, all you have to do is supply the data and let the tool do the rest. These tools also help you manage all your accounts from a single platform, eliminating the need to switch from one account to the other, which is tedious.

These tools also help you save time. Automation also comes with scheduling capabilities, making sure you deliver all your posts without the need to sign in at all times.

How to Begin

All you have to do is get the right tool, and you are in business! These tools are contractual, and you pay for a certain period depending on your needs and your budget as well.

Features Of A Good Car Hire Company

Not all individuals can afford cars; besides, some may find the cost of using theirs over long distances very expensive. This is what drives people to rent cars. This business has grown over time, and many companies and individuals are offering this kind of services. However, an ideal firm should have this features and qualities.

    1. Availability of enough vehicles

There is no way that such a business will run if the number of vehicles it has does not satisfy the demand. It should have sufficient vehicles that will be available anytime a demand arises. They should also match the specifications of the customers. Besides, they should be regularly maintained to avoid accidents and breakages when the customer is using them.

    1. Compliance with legal regulations

The firm should be in total compliance with the set rules. This includes business permits and insurance policies. This is essential as they prevent transferring the occurrence of a legal conflict to the users. It also ensures that there is compensation from arising of accidents comfortably without having to strain the business. Additionally, it provides for a smooth running of affairs.

    1. Qualified personnel

Such an organization should employ individuals who have the relevant education and experience to handle the work. Most of the customers will prefer to be driven which means that drivers will be required, the office will also require personnel. They should have the right qualifications to operate in those capacities.

    1. Adequate security

The firm should have equipment in place to handle security-related issues on the cars and the customers. It starts with protection from loss of cars to the occurrence of accidents. Measures should be laid down to ensure that the cars are tracked whenever they are to avoid misusing or bleaching of the rental contract. Also, the security of the customer belongings in the motor should be ensured.

    1. Application of technology

The world is rapidly developing and so are many businesses. This nature of an organization should fully incorporate the latest technology in the provision of services. It starts with simple communication, car systems to the methods of payments. If a customer is looking for Vehicle for hire, he or she should be able to request one online. The customer will want to use that one who has embraced technology as it is quick and straightforward.

It is advisable to embrace these requirements to succeed in this market. It is also crucial to continually improve the level of services that you offer. Ensure cleanliness and maintain an excellent reputation in the market.

Things About Space you Probably Don’t Know

You see, living in space comes with a few risks and the more you understand the solar system, the easier it is to see why this is the case. There’s every chance that you’ve already heard a lot about the universe but these facts are downright astonishing.

There’s No Connection Between Planetary Nebulae and Planets

When you take a closer look at telescope images it’s not hard to see a resemblance of heavenly bodies to the Earth. In fact, some of these objects look like faint, downy greenish disks with a semblance to the planet Uranus. William Herschel, an 18th-century astronomer named them “planetary nebula,” a Latin word for dim objects seen in early telescopes.

But, it will shock you to know that despite their appearance, planetary nebulae are merely expanding clouds of gas and debris. They are, however, larger than any planet or star.

The Earth Isn’t Round

The Earth is not round. It is neither flat nor rectangular for that matter. Most images show the Earth as being somewhat spherical, but that’s not the only impression. Even if you were to consider these images, there’s satellite data that indicates possible depressions close to the South Pole and some bulge near the North Pole.

There are records to show that the Earth is to some extent squashed. Think of it in terms of two big hands pressing it on both poles. While the effect is hardly noticeable, it makes the Earth more or less an oblate spheroid.

There’s Lots of Water and Oxygen in Space

You need water to live. While the Earth is the only place in the entire universe with large water bodies, water happens to be the most common compound in the Universe. There have been traces of water molecules in clouds found in deep space. A recent discovery indicates there’s about 140 trillion times more water in one tiny corner of the universe than the one in all oceans of the Earth.

The Bottom Line

There’s so much to learn about the space that scientists believe they’ve barely scratched the surface. Did you know, for instance, that Jupiter may have up to 35,000-degree ice? Yes, there more to the largest planet in the universe than the deep clouds above its surface. It turns out there’s so much atmospheric pressure in Jupiter that solid crystalline ice can exist even at 40,000 degrees Fahrenheit.