Causes And Treatment Of Hemorrhoids

It is the dream of every person to have a healthy body, but sometimes you may find yourself ailing. Hemorrhoids is one condition that comes with lots of pain and can make your life unbearable. The extent of the pain will depend on how severe the situation is and your general health.In simple terms, this disorder occurs when the veins in the rectum and anus swell. This disease affects mostly the older generation, but it is also attacking the young ones as well. It is essential to explore the Causes And Treatment Of Hemorrhoids and avoid suffering.


This disorder can arise from many causes such as heavy lifting, sitting for long, obesity and genetics in some cases. However, for this article, we will tackle just but a few of them

Diarrhea. The veins in the rectum area may end up swelling especially after you have painful or chronic diarrhea.

Pregnancy. This is a preserve of women only. The uterus enlarges during the pregnancy period and as a result, presses the veins in the colon. The result is bulging of these muscles which can be very painful.

Chronic constipation. Straining to move stool for a long period can hurt the colon. The blood vessels at the back cause excess pressure on the colon which make them bulge.



The approach to treat hemorrhoids differs depending on the severity of the situation at hand. Some of the best two approaches when it comes to dealing with hemorrhoids is through surgery and non-surgical approach which are very effective.

Treatment through surgery

The procedure is somehow painful which means that you may need anesthesia. Treatment through this approach is known as hemorrhoidectomy. It is not a big procedure which means that you can go home the same day that you have the surgery. You may require to have some painkillers to the next few days as your wounds heal.

Non-surgical approach

There many over the counter creams that you can use to treat this ailment. You can get them at your nearest pharmacy, but it is good to seek professional help before you acquire some. You can also use cold compressors and ice packs to cool the swellings while they are still in their early stages. Medical professionals can also place elastic bands on the hemorrhoids which cuts the supply of blood to the swollen veins which will shrink and eventually fall off.