How to Hang Canvas Prints

Decorating a home is a very important thing. This is because decorations make the home come alive as well as give the home a great sense of uniqueness. There are many things a person can choose to decorate their homes with. Among these things are canvas prints. These decorations are not only beautiful but also have a way of making the home feel comfortable and look unique. This is however achieved when the decorations are put in place the right way. Knowing how to hang these decorations is very important in ensuring the person ends up with a good finished look. There are several things a person can do to ensure they hang these decorations in the right way.

First and foremost, it is important for the person to determine where they want to have the decoration. The place should be determined by the size of the decoration and size of wall. Size is important because it determines how the decoration will look. For instance, if the wall is small, it may not be a good idea for the person to hang a large decoration on the wall. This is because the decoration will look like it is dominating and taking too much space of the wall. The same case applies to a small painting on a large wall. The painting will look out of place. It is therefore important for the person to maintain a balance between the wall size and the decoration size.

When it comes to photos on canvas, it is very important to ensure they line up with the shape of the room. This is because photos on canvas look better this way. The person hanging the canvas should therefore ensure they either line it with a door or window frame. This enables them to achieve perfect results. If this is not a possibility, the person should try positioning the photo on canvas at the eye level. The eye level is about 57 inches off the ground. People are believed to find images a lot more appealing if they are positioned at eye level.

Once the person has figured out how to hang the canvas photo, the nest thing they need to do is to pick the perfect spot to hang the picture. After choosing the spot, the person needs to make markings that will enable them to know where exactly to have the nail. First and foremost, the person needs to position the picture on the spot and then make pencil marks of the top and centre of the picture. This enables them to place the nail in the right place. Once the marking has been made, the next step is to locate the hanging tab. The location of the tab is where the nail ought to be.

After the nail has been hammered into the wall, the last thing is to place the picture o the wall using the hanging tab. Finally, the person needs to position the picture perfectly I a straight position in order to make it look appealing to the eyes.