How to make your hair shine?

It is no secret that healthy well-groomed ringlets are literally poured in the sun and attracting limelight to the owner. However, it is far not simply to achieve a similar effect as the environment, constant stresses and improper feeding leave a serious mark on a condition of the hair. For this reason, many women ask a question how to make that hair shine. The answer to it will be described in this article.

Correct washing of the hair plays the most important role in receiving of shining hair. Sometimes the dim hair color is a consequence of insufficiently careful wash of shampoo or balm. For this reason, you should not overdo with cosmetics. If the long dense hear requires only one teaspoon of shampoo, then owners of a short hairstyle will be enough a several drops. The rinsing of locks shall take three times more time than its soaping.

Just before washing of the head, it is recommended to comb ringlets carefully and vigorously. This measure will help not only stimulate blood circulation, but also remove the remains of cosmetics from locks. Starting the procedure of washing of hair, it is necessary to establish the optimum water temperature which should not exceed 45 degrees. At the end of the procedure, it is desirable to rinse ringlets with a cool shower.

It should be noted that frequent washing of hair negatively reflected on their state. Head skin loses the natural lubricant which necessary for the protection of ringlets. For hair to look healthier, it is recommended to wash it not more often than 1-2 times a week. For removal of a surplus of fat from the head skin, it is possible to use dry shampoo. For those who do not know. Dry shampoo is a powder shampoo which when drawing on hair absorbs fat and dirt without water use. Moreover, it will make your hair batiste.  It is an excellent alternative to usual shampoo.

It is preferable to dry locks in a natural way, previously having slightly blotted them with a towel. Use of the hair dryer leads to injury of hair, does them more rigid and dim. The same can be told about tools for a wave and hot lying. The majority of rectifiers and curling irons fairly over dry ringlets, making them a faded and lifeless look. If there is a huge need to use the hair dryer, upon completion of the process the lock is recommended to drench with a stream of cold air.