Salad Spinners – A Must Have Equipment In The Kitchen

Human race has always tried to make things simpler by using their skills, technology and innovations. Their drive to make things simpler has made so many inventions possible. Salad Spinners are the result of innovation that is made to make the process of salad making and mixing easy. Using a salad mixer, you can easily prepare some delicious salad for your friends and family. Salad spinners are made available in many designs and variations. Each design has its own usage and advantage. Some of them are used for salad spinning so that all the vegetables can be mixed together efficiently. To know about the features of salad spinners, you can visit Spinning Salad.

You can consider following points while buying the best salad spinners for your kitchen usage.

Capacity: The first thing that needs to be considered is the capacity of your salad spinner. Each model comes with its own storage capacity. So, you must choose a model which fulfils all your requirements of mixing the various vegetables without damaging them. A salad spinner should be large enough to properly dry the vegetables when they are dried using the spin. If you want to mix few ounces of salad then you must choose a low capacity salad spinner. If you want to mix large amount of salad then you must choose a salad spinner with large capacity.

Hand crank system: Models that use hand crank system usually require human effort to make the salad spin. These hand crank systems use gears which increase the spinning speed so that the salad can be quickly mixed or dried. You need to turn the handle with your hand to make the whole device spin. Always remember to fill the salad spinners with the sufficient amount of salad so that it doesn’t cause any kind of problem while spinning.

Locking lid: Locking Lid provides protection from spilling the salad out of the bowl when spinning at a higher speed. Spinning the bowl creates a centrifugal force which makes the water to come out of the vegetables making them dry. If the lid is not locked the salad may spill out of the spinning bowl because of the centrifugal force.

Cleaning: Consider those salad spinners which are easy to clean after use. Many models are so complex that they are difficult to clean. Some small parts of vegetables always remain at the corners and end up being wrapped. These wrapped vegetables later get infected by the fungus which are harmful for our health.