Signs Of Poor Parenting

One of the hardest challenges that you will face as a parent is raising your kids. Everyone seems to have an idea on how you should raise your kids, and sometimes it can become confusing. There are what your age mates will tell you, the older generation like your parents will have their opinion and you also have your ideas on what a parent should do. You may have heard people talk about spoilt kids and you do not want yours to fall into the same category. Many people focus on what you should do as a parent, but few will focus on the aspects that show that you are failing as a parent. The following are some indicators of poor parenting

No rules

If you allow your kids to do as they wish, then you should know that you are failing as a parent. You need to establish some ground rules like the chores they should tackle once they get home. For instance, you should set a rule like no video games before they are through with their homework. You should also highlight some punishments that the kids will face once they break any of the rules. Do not set the rules to be very tough, and you can also involve them when creating.

Being a bad role model

You should note that there are people who look up to you the day you decide to become a parent. You thus need to mend your ways to become the best example for your kids. You cannot keep on telling your children to avoid things that you repeatedly do. For instance, you cannot convince them to avoid betting when you are an active gambler. Remember that there are people who look up to you before you engage in anything. Remember that the decisions you make also affect your kids.

Lack of support

You should support your kids both mentally and with your resources. You must keep them fit as they may not know the impact it has on their health. Let them know that sitting down in front of a computer screen for long is harmful to their health. You can have them play outside without making it feel like a punishment to keep their health in check. You must buy the equipment they need, ensure that the playing field is safe, and also join them once in a while on the playfield.