Stomach Sleeping: A Recipe For Neck Pain

A Recipe For Neck Pain

No matter who asks the question, “Is stomach sleeping badly for your health?” Regardless of the circumstances, the answer will always be “Yes.” If you are wondering why it works like that, then worry not, as this article shall enlighten you.

A Stressful Sleeping Position

If you sleep on your stomach, then you are hurting both your back and neck. Once you wake up, what you will feel is a discomfort that lasts throughout the day thanks to your poor sleep quality. As for pregnant people, they should avoid sleeping on their stomach as much as possible.

Possible Advantages of Stomach Sleeping

An advantage of sleeping on your stomach is that it minimizes snoring. If you wonder what impact this has on your health, well, it has something to do with your breathing airways. Snoring indicates that you are having a difficult time breathing, so if it is gone then it means you breathe well. Such is the case with stomach sleeping, one can even reduce the experience of sleep apnea.

Increased Spinal Stress

Sleeping on one’s stomach increases the strain on the back and spine since the middle of the body becomes the center of gravity. In this case, a neutral spine position is hard to maintain while sleeping. Not only that, spinal stress increases the strain on other body parts. Furthermore, since most nerves converge in the spinal cord, stress triggers the sensation of numbness, pain, and tingling.

Neck Pain

Since you would suffocate if you face your pillow while sleeping, you will sleep with your head sideways. Now, this is quite awful since your head and spine are misaligned. Thus, you twist your neck, and this causes long-term neck pain. At worst, you will have a herniated disk, which is a ruptured gelatinous disk between the vertebrae. Furthermore, the gel may irritate the nerves if it leaks out.

Down Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

The ideal pillow for those who sleep on their stomach is the down pillow. These are extremely soft and flat, making them ideal for stomach sleepers. However, these are quite expensive, so you may also wish to check alternatives. Feel free to take a quick peek at Free Your Spine for the best cervical pillows available. Relieving your neck pain is not difficult for them.


Out of all the sleeping positions, stomach sleeping is likely the worst. After all, it causes stress on your spine and leads to pain symptoms all over the body. Furthermore, it also twists your neck and worsens your neck pain. However, with down pillow and other cervical pillow types, you can sleep on your stomach as much as you want.