Our Work


The Alliance's Strategy

The Alliance engages in the following areas of work to achieve its goals.



  • We are working to build a  national movement for nail and beauty salon health, safety and rights by engaging allies and groups across the country.  We strengthen and build alliances with organizations, agencies, salon workers, researchers, and advocates.
  • We share resources and information, collaborate on joint efforts, and build support among diverse organizations for policy/regulatory advocacy, outreach work and research efforts.
  • We work to build the leadership capacity of salon workers so they can fully participate in and be at the center of this work. In 2012, we aim to develop a core group of 5-10 salon workers through leadership development trainings.                                                                                                                             


  • We advocate for key elements of the Federal Safe Cosmetics Act that advance worker health and safety in salons and ensure that those elements remain strong in the bill. We also use this legislation to raise awareness about occupational exposure in salons, and make recommendations to regulatory agencies on how they can better serve the salon workforce with respect to toxic chemical exposure.
  • We have started an Interagency Working Group to address the health of nail and beauty salon workers— the first space for federal regulatory agencies to coordinate efforts on this issue. With assistance from the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, the Alliance makes recommendations for regulatory action and support efforts to the various federal agencies with authority in this area.  



  • We identify key chemical hazards that must be addressed in the workplace. 
  • We  leverage and advocate for new research to generate additional peer-reviewed data on occupational exposures and health outcomes in order to ultimately advance greater salon worker health and safety. 


  • We actively seek to inform the public, the salon workforce, advocates and key stakeholders and decision-makers through topical media pieces, press releases, reports and articles
  • To bring attention to the lived experiences of salon workers, we increase their visibility by sharing their personal stories and occupational experiences through traditional and social media outlets.


  • We research cosmetics and nail product manufacturers and products to better understand points of leverage to reduce the upstream sources of chemical exposure in nail and beauty care products.