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Personal Stories from Stylists Harmed by Brazilian Blowout 

Many stylists across the country are being affected by the toxins in Brazilian Blowout, and products like it. In an effort to create safer salon conditions and lift up the voices of these workers, who have suffered grave health consequences, we have begun collecting letters from stylists directed to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). We hope that hearing from workers who have been directly impacted by this dangerous product will encourage the FDA to take action. 

Are you a stylist whose health has been affected by Brazilian Blowout? Help stop Brazilian Blowout by telling the FDA about your experience and demanding change. Click here to share your story.

Below are excerpts from letters written by salon workers to the Food and Drug Administration, describing how Brazilian Blowout has devastated their health:


I went to the doctor because I had a severe cough that was causing me to vomit...I had lung scarring from the pneumonia...developed scabs in my nose that will not go away...I would like to get out of this toxic work environment, but right now I have no place to go. I love my career and coworkers and this is all I know how to do. [Read the rest of Gina's letter.]

- Gina Griffin


Within 10 minutes of the application process my eyes were burning, my throat was getting sore, and I was having a hard time taking a deep breath. . .By the end of just the application process, I could not open my eyes because they hurt so bad, my throat was on fire, my lungs were burning, and I was having a hard time even breathing at all. . .I ended up going to the doctor. . . she attributed my symptoms to “possible chemical poisoning." She prescribed an Albuterol inhaler for my ongoing breathing difficulties, and 800mg. of ibuprofen for my ongoing headaches. I have never in my life needed an inhaler before this. [Read the rest of Jennifer's letter.]

- Jennifer Goeres-Arce, Stylist


When I looked back, all of my symptoms began after this product came into the salon, and I was getting sicker and sicker as more people were getting booked for this service. [Read the rest of Cindy's letter.]

- Cindy Schultz


When I found out the salon was going to continue to allow these types of products I knew I could no longer work there because of my health. I came into a fork in the road where I was either going to have to change my profession or try and find a salon that would prohibit the use of these types of products. . . [Read the rest of Nikki's letter.]

- Nikki Nicolulis


Two years ago, I went to a class for Brazilian Blowout with a few of my coworkers. We were very excited about the product, but skeptical about the things not being said. They would "beat around the bush" when asked about the ingredients and the safety. They never would give us a straight answer, which left us uneasy. [Read the rest of Mandolyn's letter.]

- Mandolyn Yohner

The bottom line is Brazilian Blowout lied to us. They assured us it was formaldehyde free and that is the only reason I purchased this product over others like it. How can a company lie to sell their product, and then get away with it? [Read the rest of Lucia's letter.]

- Lucia Romero

In witnessing these side effects I made the personal choice not to perform this service on any of my clients, out of concern for my safety and personal health. [Read the rest of Diana's letter.]

- Diana Jimenez


 . . .I have had repeated problems with my lungs and become extremely prone to colds with extremely long recovery periods. It has affected my life and business. . .I have an extremely hard time being around the product when someone has applied it in our shop. Due to the fumes, I quickly become nauseated with an upset stomach and have to stop working (or feel like I should). [Read the rest of Maria's letter.]

- Maria Templeton


I am greatly concerned for the safety of my clients, my coworkers, and also myself as we are continually being exposed to this chemical. Formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and I have witnessed first-hand how exposure to this chemical has affected the health of so many people. [Read the rest of Jennifer's letter.]

- Jennifer Taylor

Now at 41 years old, I have been on antibiotics four times in the past year and a half because of these reoccurring sinus infections...What if I get cancer down the road from formaldehyde exposure? I’ll have no money, no insurance, and who’s going to take care of my child? Please do what you have to do to get these products off the market. They shouldn’t be in the salon, putting innocent people’s lives at risk. [Read the rest of Stacy's letter.]

- Stacy VanDusen



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