Whether the bulletproof vest in necessary for you?

The history of weapons development begins with an eternal rivalry of a shell and armor more information. This is how it was ten thousand years B.C. when the bow and arrows were invented. Then was a shield, which was invented contrary to bow.  This rivalry does not really change. Nowadays the bulletproof vest acts as the antagonist of the gun and automatic machine. Is it effective or not?

In fact, it depends on at what distance and from what to shoot. As you can see, it is a challenging concept. For the check of the maximum durability of a bulletproof vest usually, choose small distances – less than 10 m, but anyway more than 3 m.

Assault rifles are usually choosing as an iron-punching standard. It is considered that they are intended for war; so, all are obliged to pierce literally everything. At a distance within 10 m it usually and in the truth, it is so. It is rather difficult to create a bulletproof vest, which would not make the way automatic and the more so the rifle bullet. However, it is possible. You only need to choose the best plate and the most quality tactical vest.

There are a number of professions where the use of a bulletproof vest is obligatory. It is police, collectors, private security structures, services for a special purpose. However, in the last restless time, a bulletproof vest would not be superfluous and to people with a more peaceful profession.

If you, for some reasons, worry about yourself and want some kind of protection, then the vest will be suitable for you. There are critical situations when the attack happens. Let us divide the bulletproof vests depending on the situation and circumstances.

In the professions, is mentioned above bulletproof vests of the third class are used.  The reason is that they can protect from not only a pistol bullet, the pricking or cutting objects and fire cut weapon, such as the Kalashnikov, which is more often called (ak-47). During the attack on the streets, at entrances of houses, gates, criminals most often use self-made sharpening, a picker, knives, bottles, the self-made shooting devices, guns and revolvers, sawn-off shotguns of hunting guns. The bulletproof vests of the 1-2nd class are able to secure from being wounded. They are easy and convenient for the hidden carrying. Such bulletproof vest dressed over a t-shirt is practically not visible even under a shirt.