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ECU Remapping for Better Performing Engines

Modern motor vehicles and bikes are being manufactured with the ECU (Engine Control Unit). This is a programmable device that receives and analyses information from various sensors around the engine. Such information includes the oxygen content during fuel combustion, current accelerator pedal angle, engine temperature among other parameters. The ECU then interprets the information and sends a feedback to the sensors in order to take corrective action or optimize a certain process. Since cars, trucks and bikes are manufactured for different environments, their ECUs are normally uniquely programmed to meet certain standards. The act of readjusting the vehicle’s ECU program to meet specific standards of its environment is referred to as remapping and thus the term, ECU remapping.

Vehicles that should Be Remapped, The Hidden Costs and The Drawbacks

Despite the fact that most modern vehicles and bikes have ECU remapping devices, there are some which are manufactured without. Such vehicles, turbo models, those that inject fuel electronically, TorqueCars and those fitted with additional performance parts should be fitted with ECUs or have their ECUs remapped for better performance. However, this improvement comes at a higher cost due to the need to service the vehicle more frequently and at shorter intervals, one is also restricted to high quality fuels and the need to replace non-performing components due to the resulting extra work. Additionally, the engine experiences more stress as a result of the greater power produced and this may cause rapid failure of sensors and increased wearing of pistons, bearings and clutches.

Specific Benefits of ECU Remapping

In general, this device was designed to increase the engine’s power while boosting its torque. Furthermore, it reduces the throttle response time while widening the power-band. These performance features improve the flexibility of the engine while generating a livelier drive. Notably, ECU remapping has specific benefits for different types of engines. To begin with, the turbocharged diesel engines will experience better torque, increased horsepower, safe overtaking due to improved throttle response and most importantly, better fuel economy.

Turbocharged and Non-Turbocharges Petrol Engines

Petrol engines with turbocharged features are highly recommended as sports flagship engines due to their better power and torque compared to the non-turbocharged petrol engines. When remapped, they perform even better since the ECU reduces wastages by controlling the pressure control of the turbo boost. Other benefits due to ECU remapping include: more horsepower and torque, quicker throttle response, safe overtaking and most importantly, a smoother delivery of power. For non-turbocharged petrol engines, remapping increases the engine power by 8-15% while further improvements cause the exhausts gases to flow freer, air-filters allow high flow and better utilization of re-profiled camshafts.

Legality, Saving and Actual Modification

ECU remapping is legal. However, the insurance company should be notified of these modifications. When performing this modification, the fuel saving property is achieved by ensuring just a little pedal input is exerted to maintain moving speeds. The modifications done always targets the ECU’s program (map) accessed through an ODB (On-board diagnostics) port. In most cases it is normally located on the underlying surface of the dashboard.

Create Your Own Personal Look and Feel for any Room with Wall Decals

Every one wants their own personal room to look and feel great, as this is one way towards adding some unique touch. One option that is becoming quite a popular and practical way towards achieving this goal is through the use of wall decals. They are available in various styles, colors and sizes that will suit just about any type of personality possible. There are also many companies that will offer their customers wall decals that are personalized to fit your very own taste. There are so many ways options to select from when wanting to design a room that will meet your own preferences, as wall decals are one of the best and most effective means towards enhancing a room that is created from your own personal touch.

If you are planning to re design the room in your home and want something that is not like wall paper, painting or any other materials that are now only considered to be stand ways for decorating the walls of your room, then through the use of wall decals you will be able to design the look and feel from so many different options, such as family pictures, famous quotes, biblical verses, or even your very own poems or songs and you can also use photos of autos, boats, or any other pictures that you would like to make into a wall decal that will create a room that only you can appreciate.

Other uses for wall decals are put to use for the purpose of covering up empty spaces in the room or make up a theme for the room and use as many as you like to turn the room into something special that will match up with the rest of the interior of your room. You will be able to choose the right kind of colors so to incorporate the theme for the room. You will find that there are so many sizes as well as shapes and any design that you can possible think of when electing to use these wall decals for your room own personal touch.

You can choose animals, like butterflies or even beautiful flowers for a way to enhance the appearance of the room. You can turn your entire room into a garden by using flowers, plants trees and even grass to really create an enchanting landscape for the room. You can get just about any type of wall decal imaginable and they are easy to install and you can easily remove them and re-locate them at any time when you want to re design these wall decals in a different pattern for the room. These are some of the most popular reasons to opt for wall decals when you want to design a room that will be most suitable for you and your own personal style, making these wall decals such a fine asset to have available when you want to create a room that will be decorated from your own imagination.

How to Hang Canvas Prints

Decorating a home is a very important thing. This is because decorations make the home come alive as well as give the home a great sense of uniqueness. There are many things a person can choose to decorate their homes with. Among these things are canvas prints. These decorations are not only beautiful but also have a way of making the home feel comfortable and look unique. This is however achieved when the decorations are put in place the right way. Knowing how to hang these decorations is very important in ensuring the person ends up with a good finished look. There are several things a person can do to ensure they hang these decorations in the right way.

First and foremost, it is important for the person to determine where they want to have the decoration. The place should be determined by the size of the decoration and size of wall. Size is important because it determines how the decoration will look. For instance, if the wall is small, it may not be a good idea for the person to hang a large decoration on the wall. This is because the decoration will look like it is dominating and taking too much space of the wall. The same case applies to a small painting on a large wall. The painting will look out of place. It is therefore important for the person to maintain a balance between the wall size and the decoration size.

When it comes to photos on canvas, it is very important to ensure they line up with the shape of the room. This is because photos on canvas look better this way. The person hanging the canvas should therefore ensure they either line it with a door or window frame. This enables them to achieve perfect results. If this is not a possibility, the person should try positioning the photo on canvas at the eye level. The eye level is about 57 inches off the ground. People are believed to find images a lot more appealing if they are positioned at eye level.

Once the person has figured out how to hang the canvas photo, the nest thing they need to do is to pick the perfect spot to hang the picture. After choosing the spot, the person needs to make markings that will enable them to know where exactly to have the nail. First and foremost, the person needs to position the picture on the spot and then make pencil marks of the top and centre of the picture. This enables them to place the nail in the right place. Once the marking has been made, the next step is to locate the hanging tab. The location of the tab is where the nail ought to be.

After the nail has been hammered into the wall, the last thing is to place the picture o the wall using the hanging tab. Finally, the person needs to position the picture perfectly I a straight position in order to make it look appealing to the eyes.