Discarding Old Drill Bits and Improving the Life of Your Tools

Drill machines are an essential tool in any tool box kit. These prove to be handy while drilling holes on surfaces. These drill machines work with the help of drill bits that are fitted onto them. If the drill bit breaks or wears out, then you might not get the desired result.

Replacing Your Drill Bits

Imagine you are in a middle of an important work and suddenly your drill bit gives out on you. Yes, it is very frustrating. It would have been better if your drill bit could have given you a sign that it might give up on you someday. Though this is not possible, you can still be able to identify signs that your drill bit might not be up to work.

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Signs to Look Out for

First and foremost, it would be wise to examine your tools, before you put them to work. Some of the signs to look out for include:

  • Breakage due to using the wring drill bit
  • Each drill bit serves different purposes. If you use a thin drill bit for a thick wall, it is sure to break
  • Poor quality drill bits. This happens; if you are bought the drill bit for a local store without proper research
  • The drill bit has become dull after regular use

Fixing a Drill Bit onto Your Machine

The above signs again depend on what type of drill bit you are using. If you go in for high quality carbon steel, carbide or ceramic drill bits, these might last longer.

You need not have to be an expert when it comes to fixing a drill bit onto a machine. Some machines come with keys that can be removed to replace the drill bit.


Ensure that you examine your drill bit after use. If you feel that there is an issue, ensure that you get them replaced right away.