Our Work


For Consumers

What You Can Do:

  • Tell Congress to protect salon workers from harmful chemicals in products.
  • Bring our wallet card with you to the salon so you know which nail polishes "three free."
  • Learn more about chemicals in nail products by reading the fact sheets and reports on our site. You may want to avoid nail products if you are pregnant or trying to get pregnant.
  • Talk with your manicurist. Let them know there are resources available to better inform them of the risks they face.
  • Find out what's in the nail polish or other products you use. You can look them up on the Skin Deep database available here
  • Sign the petition for safe nail products, which asks companies to replace chemicals linked to cancer and reproductive harm with safe alternatives.
  • Call the manufacturer of your favorite nail polish, tell them you are concerned about chemical exposure and ask them to reformulate their products!