How to Choose the Right Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens have become an inseparable equipment for every modern kitchen since they offer a wide range of advantages. They are used not only by housewives but they are extremely useful to college students and bachelors that do not want to spend a lot of time in order to cook. Below follow the most important advantages of microwave ovens:

Microwave ovens save a lot of time since they require significantly less time in order to cook in comparison to other cooking methods. Most microwave ovens (if not all of them) come with a timer that is used to set how much time does the food need to be cooked. After the timer beeps, the oven automatically stops working. The only drawback to this feature is that someone needs to know exactly how much time the food needs to be cooked in order to avoid cooking it for more (or less) time.

Vitamins and nutrients are retained almost intact in the cooked food. According to various studies food that is boiled in the microwave oven (for instance vegetables) retains more nutrients than food that is boiled in the gas burner or in a pan. Thus, boiled food in the microwaves is much healthier. The reason that this happens is that the food in the microwave oven is cooked evenly and it requires less time until it is ready.

Cleaning is very easy and fast. Unlike other cooking equipment microwaves are easy to clean since they only require a damp cloth. Other ovens require special detergents and a lot of scrubbing, but microwave ovens are easy to clean provided that they are wiped soon after their use.

Energy and money savers. As mentioned above microwave ovens require significantly less time in order to cook. This is beneficial not only because the food is ready sooner but also because it saves a lot of energy and this saves a lot of money.

Frozen food and leftovers can be heated easily. Most people hate when they need to reheat their leftovers because that takes a lot of time. Also, when someone needs to heat frozen food like a pizza, it is very irritating having to wait. With microwave oven this does not happen, since they do not need to get hot themselves, so the time required to reheat something is significantly reduced.

After all the above-mentioned benefits, many people will consider buying a microwave if they already do not have one. Before buying a microwave oven or a toaster, special attention and thought needs to be put into what are the features that someone needs to pay special attention to. Below follow some of the most important features that buyers should take into account when looking for a microwave oven or a toaster oven on

1. Short cut keys

One of the most helpful features of most microwave ovens are the short cut keys that allow the user to choose the proper cooking style. These automatic options allow the user to choose what he wants to cook, for instance popcorn, boil vegetables or make a soup, and they offer the appropriate heating options. One other useful short cut key is the one that allows the user to choose for how much time he needs to cook the food.

2. Defrost and steam cooking

For those who prefer to follow a healthy lifestyle this feature is really useful. The steam cooking option is very easy to use, the user simply fills the reservoir with water and as the water evaporates, the steams heats and cooks the food but it retains its moisture. Also, for those who are in a hurry and need to defrost their food very fast, there is the auto frost option. The user simply selects the type of food he wants to defrost and the microwave will automatically select the time needs for this defrost.

3. Power Rating

Usually the power of microwave ovens is between 600 and 1500 watts. Watts depend on the size of the microwave, for instance small ovens normally have around 700 watts, medium size ovens have around 1000 watts and large ovens have around 1500 watts. As someone would expect, more watts mean more heat and less cooking time and the opposite happens if less watts are available in the microwave oven. When someone is about to choose an oven, he should think about the different types of food that he usually prepares in order to find out the more suitable microwave oven that fits his needs.