How to fill the gas trimmer?

If you have bought the trimmer, but there is no proper construction or you have lost it, you should not despair. You will find the answer to conversational question in this article – how to fill the gas string trimer with gasoline. To begin with, we will get acquainted with the petrol trimmer engine device. Engines for the garden equipment usually two-stroke. It means that the equipment responds when pressing the handle of gas quickly. The design of the two-stroke engine is simple, so before filling gasoline needs to be mixed with oil. In the four-cycle engine, gasoline and oil are filled in separately. Trimmers meet the four-cycle engine seldom, most often it is professional trimmer. By the way, if you still have not bought a string trimmer and reading this information only for consideration there is Trimmers and Edgers, where you can find review of the best gas trimmers available.

How to fill the two-stroke engine string trimmer with the gas?

1) For filling of the trimmer, you need using gasoline with high octane rating. In the meanwhile, you need using special oil for two-stroke engines with air cooling. It is inadmissible confusing it to oil for engines with water cooling. Using of the last type of oil can lead to insufficient cooling, and to breakage. Also, bear in mind that oil for the trimmer must correspond to classification of JASO or API.

2) It is always necessary to fill in a trimmer tank with a fresh compound of gasoline and oil. The compound shall not be stored more than 3 months. Blending weight of oil and gasoline are 39/40 part of oil, 1/40 of gasoline. It is impossible to mix liquids directly in the fuel tank or approximately. It is necessary to do it in special capacity with measured divisions. If you not following this rule, then an operation of the engine may be unstable. In the worst scenario, the engine can fail.

3) Mixing process. First, you need filling the measured capacity with one part of oil, then add 20 parts of gasoline to it and mix carefully and accurately. Then add 20 more parts of gasoline to the received mix and once again mix it.

In case of oil insufficiency, it will lead to low lubricant, pistons, and the bore of the cylinder will be is teases, the piston group will be damaged. On the contrary, if too add to much oil, then the engine can coke up.

4) Filling the fuel tank. For this purpose, you need to place a tank a cover up and fill a tank capacity up to the necessary volume. Then densely screw up a cover. The engine is ready to work.